Vote for Cybertonica’s Director for Partnerships and Training to become a co-author of The PayTech Book

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Posted by Cybertonica on 28/12/2018

Cybertonica’s Technical Advisor and Director for Partnerships and Training, Dr. Ekaterina Safonova, wrote an abstract on payment fraud prevention and management for The PayTech Book.

Launched by Wiley and FINTECH Circle, The PayTech Book is a crowdsourced book focusing on the payment ecosystem and PayTech trends which are happening globally. Dr. Safonova’s abstract, The financial arms race – the “game” with no rules, aims to investigate the payment fraud trends and how businesses can manage fraud using AI and machine learning while offering frictionless, fast and fraud-free customer experience.

You can log into and review Dr. Safonova’s submission, The financial arms race – the “game” with no rules, and vote for her to become a co-author of The PayTech Book.

Ekaterina has a PhD. in Technical Sciences from Kazan State Technical University. Recently Dr. Safonova developed and launched a specialised Cybersecurity course for the payments industry, Payment Fraud Prevention and Management, in collaboration with Emerging Payments Association.

Dr. Safonova has over 17 years of experience in research and lecturing. Her strong technical background includes a PhD and 35 publications including 5 books. She is a Lecturer at Emerging Payments Academy with her new course “Payment Fraud Prevention and Management and remains an Associate Professor at Cybersecurity, Radio Electronics and Quantum Devices Departments at Kazan State Technical University. Ekaterina has adjunct teaching experience in the UK, where she resides, and has spoken at global conferences. She is passionate about her topic and international in her approach.