Book your place to CPD certified course: Payment Fraud Prevention and Management

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Posted by Cybertonica on 29/10/2018

Cybertonica’s Director for Partnerships and Training Ekaterina Safonova will be giving a specialised Cybersecurity course for the payments industry, Payment Fraud Prevention and Management, in collaboration with Emerging Payments Association on 5th November in London.

Dr. Safonova has over 17 years of experience in research and lecturing. Her strong technical background includes a PhD and 35 publications including 5 books. She is a Lecturer at Emerging Payments Academy and remains an Associate Professor at Cybersecurity, Radio Electronics and Quantum Devices Departments at Kazan State Technical University. Ekaterina has adjunct teaching experience in the UK, where she resides, and has spoken at global conferences. She is passionate about her topic and international in her approach.

Dr. Safonova launched her new CPD certified course Payment Fraud Prevention and Management with the Emerging Payments Association. It is a one-day immersion into payments security, exploring the different types of system and identity breaches, payments fraud and fraudulent authentication, the exposure of companies to fraud, the range of approaches available to minimise the risk and an understanding of how to build cyber and fraud preventive measures into day to day activities.

Dr. Safonova commented:

“Forewarned is forearmed. Business payment fraud and security risks are a dynamically-changing battlefield and it can be difficult to detect where the enemies are. While you study fraudsters, fraudsters study you. They are often a step ahead of this dangerous cat and mouse game, therefore fraud and risk managers must keep their fingers on the pulse of fraud and its constantly appearing new trends.

I look forward to giving Payment Fraud Prevention and Management course and sharing my knowledge with the audience under great support of EPA on 5th November. Let’s fight fraud together!”

You can book your space to Dr. Safonova’s course from this link.